Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Best Apps for Lumia 920

You’ve probably bought one or two accessories for your Lumia 920; either from the official Nokia store or from an online trusted mobile shop such as PureMobile Canada. As cool as the Lumia series is, the experience could be made even better by adding a few extra apps. From search engines to notifications, here are the top eight best apps to get for your smartphone:

Google Free

Since it’s a Windows 8 phone, the default search engine would be Microsoft’s own Bing, which works for most people. For those who prefer Google’s more familiar approach, this app is free and comes with all the recognizable traits Google is known for: voice searches, location-based results, and auto-complete predictions. It’s quick, easy-to-use, and a great addition to the smartphone menu. 


Nokia Lumia 920

Don’t let your current busy lifestyle hinder you from watching your favorite soap opera, or catching up with that funny sitcom. This app will turn the Lumia 920 into a portable television – ideal for streaming of live TV shows, or watching reruns. Due to copyright and piracy concerns though, it doesn’t support downloading or caching of files.

Facebook Beta

Facebook Beta

This built-in app looks cleaner and more beautiful compared with the regular Windows Facebook version because it follows the style of recent iOS systems and Android phones. It also makes toggling between notifications and messages a breeze with the side tab. Although the overall appearance doesn’t exactly coincide with how Facebook really ‘looks’ from a desktop point of view, this is still a great way to stay connected with friends and family.


Probably one of the best things to have in a smartphone, this app allows users to access files that have been recently shared through Hotmail or even your desktop. You can now rest assured that your documents (images, videos, etc.) are safe and can be retrieved anytime, anywhere. 

Sticky Tiles

This is a reminder app which shows memos or important reminders right on your home screen where you can easily see it. Never worry about doctor’s appointments or that crucial lunch meeting – with this handy tool, simply write a memo, stick it, and it will remain as a live tile on your phone’s screen showing all important notifications. 



What’s great about this photo-editing app is that it has tons of cool features like photo frames, digital zoom, borders, and plenty of special effects to make that picture stunning. Plus, it carries all required social network sharing buttons so you can effortlessly let the world see your masterpiece. 



This popular cross-platform messaging system is great for people who want to break free from annual text messaging limits but still enjoy fun conversations with friends and family. All you need is a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection and you can send messages, images, and videos. 


A great companion for active folks who want to keep track of their performance while running or jogging, this useful addition will monitor calories burnt, average speed, routes and times. It also supports manual data-entering for static or indoor workouts such as weight-lifting or treadmill runs.


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