Friday, September 13, 2013

Recommended Accessories for Lumia 920

If you already own a Lumia 920, why not complement this innovative phone with some Nokia Lumia 920 Accessories? Since its release in November of 2012, it’s been the company’s most innovative phone to date. But with a couple of additions, it can serve you better. Here are a few suggestions to improve your Lumia 920 experience.
Lumia 920 Accessories

Wireless Charging Stand/Pillow

The great thing about Lumia 920 is that it can be charged without the hassle of wires. A wireless standing charger lets the phone remain in an upright position, ready for use, even while charging. Because it stays up, you can easily do various things like listen to music, work on apps, or call friends. Once the phone has finished charging, the light indicator automatically turns off and it’s back in business again.

Another cool way to charge the Lumia 920 is a wireless charger pillow. Just like a person would need rest after a hard day’s work, this phone wants sweet dreams as well. Plenty of online stores offer pillow chargers in different colors (maybe one for every mood?). The good thing about it is how easily you can recharge your phone without all the fuss of regular chargers – plus, it looks highly attractive.

Wireless Bluetooth Headsets

An urgent call is not a problem if you have one of these. Nokia wireless Bluetooth headsets have their own cradle that charges the headsets while it’s on standby. Once a call comes through, just pick up the headset and it’s ready to go. No need to detangle anything or worry about cords. Do anything you want while enjoying a friendly chat or a business call. The set also comes in vibrant, eye-catching colors. Since most phones today are available in either black or white, the Lumia 920 along with its lively accessories is sure to stand out.

Wireless Charging Speaker

If you want something that serves dual purposes, grab one of these. Not only does this devise act as a powerful speaker, it charges the phone too, giving it extra power for when you’re in a hurry but don’t want to miss a beat of your favorite song. Its sleek design fits the modern urban lifestyle, but the bold hues make a statement. Just like the other wireless devises, just tap on the phone to connect it to the speaker and it’s all set. With Bluetooth technology, you can even stream music to enjoy jazz or rock anywhere in the room. There are many speakers out there in the market, particularly online; choose one with surround sound or with a great bass system.


Every phone needs one; it’s like a match made in heaven. For Lumia 920, you can choose to have wireless headphones that come in the same color as your phone, or ones with a built-in microphone and equalizer.

Other Lumia 920 accessories include screen protectors, body cases (in a wide variety of colors and styles), and portable speakers. Make sure to get items that both protect and enhance your phone’s features to get the most bang for your buck.


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